Blood Wedding

Frederico Garcia Lorca

Competition 2012

Blood Wedding is a tragedy by Spanish dramatist Federico Garcia Lorca. It was written in 1932. 


The costumes here are scalable. As each character hold back their emotions to fit inside an oppressive society, things are growing through their clothes like pimples that they can't control anymore. 

The gender of the single parents (the Bride has only a Father and the Bridegroom only a Mother) is blurred because of the way they act in Lorca's tragedy.

Lorca is deeply inspired by the Surrealist movement in his writing so I didn't use the costumes to set the action in a precise time and space.  I chose to focus on the violence and the agony expressed by Lorca through his tragedy.

Der Kaiser von Atlantis

Opera by Viktor Ullmann

Workshop directed by Richard Brunel (2013)

Der Kaiser von Atlantis is a one-act opera by Viktor Ullmann with a libretto by Peter Kien. They collaborated on the work while interned in the Nazi concentration camp of Terezin around 1943.

The plot is no cut-and-dried allegory but an elusive death-welcoming parable about a mad, murderous ruler, possibly redeemed at last, who says farewell to the world in a mock-Faustian vision of a natural paradise no longer spoiled by men.  The Emperor proclaims universal war and declares that his old ally Death will lead the campaign. Death, offended by the Emperor's presumption, breaks his sabre; henceforth men will not die. Confusion results : a Soldier and a Girl-Soldier from opposite sides sing a love duet instead of fighting; the sick and suffering find no release. Death offers to return to men on one condition - that the Emperor be the first to die. He accepts and sings farewell.

Desire Under the Elms Eugene O'Neill

 Workshop directed by Julie Guichard (2013)

Our work was inspired by the work of Aki Kaurismäki in The Man Without a Past

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