Anne-Aurelie is a Costume Designer for film, theatre, music video and everything else in between.

Her work is strongly influenced by the inappropriate of everyday life and the unexpected subtlety that makes a character alive. She believes that costuming is a way to convey stories on a subliminal level. 

Anne-Aurelie was born and raised in France, graduating from The National Drama School (ENSATT) with a Master's Degree in Costume Design. She has also received a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design lending to her intuitive knowledge of the current trends.

With projects spanning from Paris to Los Angeles, New York and Spain, Anne-Aurelie enjoys stepping out of her comfort zone by experiencing various environments and artistic forms. 

In her spare time Anne-Aurelie writes on her blog about film, design and feminism, while always seeking to discover new gems in life. 

Currently doing... 

Costume Designer The Way s.1, web series directed by Camille Delamarre, StudioCanal (post-production)

Costume/Production Designer Ten Tonnes music videos, Warner Music UK (post-production)

Costume Designer Homeboy, short film directed by Teddy Nygh, Fully Focused Productions (post-production)

Costume Designer Hip Hop Cafe, short film directed by Robert Samuels, Superrocketman (post-production)

Wardrobe Stylist TV spot for Memaar Al Morshedy luxury real estate, VDP Design (post-production)

Wardrobe Stylist Lenovo advertising campaign by HMX Media (post-production)

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